Libraries + Democracy:
A Library 2.016 panel discussion

Libraries are well positioned to help the people of their communities become more informed and active citizens. A Library 2.016 panel talks about why and how libraries are getting more involved in civic programming.

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Libraries + Media: A special MediaShift series

Librarians and journalists both bring information and knowledge to their communities. A special MediaShift series looks at some of the people and projects bringing libraries and the media together.

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How might we help the Knight
Foundation support library innovation?

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation team is shaping their next round of library innovation grants, and they’re looking for ideas. How might we help them support library evolution?

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Searchlights and Sunglasses:
Five lessons for the library world

Why would librarians and LIS educators pay attention to a journalism textbook? Because the digital shift is affecting journalists and librarians in many of the same ways. And because we haven’t seen a textbook like this before.

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It’s a good day to be a librarian

People with library and information science degrees are putting their skills to work in all kinds of interesting places. But the places may not be libraries, and the job titles may not say “librarian.”

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Should librarians learn to code?

That depends on what you mean by “code.” But knowing how to make computers do things is a useful skill, and as Robert Hernandez notes, “It’s not magic.”

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Does your library have a question?

Focusing on a single question can be a compelling way to guide a personal career. It can also be an intriguing way to guide an organization.

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Take a step toward the future

There are interesting things to learn from a professional futurist. Especially one like Brian David Johnson, who says, “The future of libraries is awesome.”

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Building community assets

The value of a library lies in its ability to develop community assets, says library educator Ken Haycock. And the future of libraries depends on our ability to share that vision with community leaders.

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Start with your best guess

The Foundation Center’s strategic plan is based on core assumptions about philanthropy and social change over the next decade. What can we assume about the future landscape for libraries?

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