Libraries + Media: A special MediaShift series

Librarians and journalists both bring information and knowledge to their communities. A special MediaShift series looks at some of the people and projects bringing libraries and the media together.

If you follow MediaShift, you may have seen a special series on libraries and the media that I’ve helped pull together this year, thanks to the support of MediaShift founder and executive director Mark Glaser. MediaShift focuses on the evolution of the media, from the journalism education that trains new reporters to the metrics and analysis that give professionals insights into what’s possible and what works. Glaser recognizes that librarians and journalists have some important common interests, and he’s opened up the MediaShift space to begin exploring those interests.

As part of the series, contributor Alison Peters talks with two public librarians who have written columns for their local newspapers to share library news and connect with their communities. Peters also interviews Kate Torney, who’s seen the inside of both evolving professions as head of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News) and now head of State Library Victoria, Australia’s oldest and busiest public library.

There’s also a podcast featuring Miguel Figueroa, director of the American Library Association’s Center for the Future of Libraries, and a story I contributed on libraries becoming more involved in curating current events and serving as hubs for community discussion.

And that’s not all.

The series represents just a few of the many stories about common interests and shared projects of libraries and the media. If you have other good examples, please post them in the comments below. Maybe sometime we’ll publish a sequel.



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